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Tour 1: July 8-13

Tour 2: August 12-17


Day 1


Experience the class room in a conservated rural school house and learn the history of public schools in Sweden. Then advance to higher education in Sweden's oldest university, found in Uppsala. 

Elite Hotel Academia, Uppsala 

Bus travel 2 h

Day 2

Uppsala, Gävle

The day starts with guided events in a traditional state church and a visit to the challenging baptist church that sprung up in opposition to the religious control exerciced by the state. After lunch we continue the tour to Gävle and the historical prison museum to learn what was criminal in society, and how punishments were executed in the 19th century.


Elite Grand Hotel, Gävle

Bus travel 1,5 h 


Day 3

Gävle, Falun, Eskilstuna

The day starts with a visit to the iconic painter Carl Larsson's summer home in Sundborn, Dalarna. Carl and his family put their mark on Swedish interior and art and they still mirror the image of 19th century Sweden. We then travel through Bergslagen and the era of industrialization. Towns formed around mills, mines, furnaces and small mechanical workshops where skilled labour could find new ways to support themselves. Dinner is served at Munktell's in Eskilstuna and the day ends at beautiful Sundbyholms castle.

Sundbyholms Slott, Eskilstuna

Bus travel 4 h

Day 4

Eskilstuna, Södertälje, Stockholm

After breakfast at the castle we make our way to Södertälje and the outdoor museum Torekällberget. Experience the life in rural Sweden with the historical breed of farm animals and inside actual farmsteads where life, music, food and chores are shared with our group. Then we move on to Stockholm for an insight into the actual voyage across the high sea. 

Elite Hotel Adlon, Stockholm

Bus travel 2 h

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

Day 5 and 6


In the Swedish capital we dive in to the politics of the transformational 19th and early 20th century. We have our lunch in the building where the oppositional movement to emigration was formed and then learn about the political solution to the drainage of youth. We also visit the Royal palace to explore how monarchy survived the upheavals. Followed by focus on life in the military at the Army Museum and visit to an actual soldier's cottage. Find out how swedes have been drafted and enlisted to the armed forces and what life was like for them.

Elite Hotel Adlon, Stockholm

Every day you have access to your Mormor's Land tour guide from morning till evening. The various sites are also guided by local subject experts. In addition to this we also arrange café nights some evenings where the topic of the day is talked over, with the groups own questions and reflections, hosted by an expert.

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